As a reminder,

Speetley Equestrian Centre regulations.


Pre-entry only.

Bring your proof of entry to show to the steward on the main gate on arrival.

Adhere to your allocated times and be aware that should you arrive late at the collectiong ring you will not be allowed entry.

Stick to the one-way system of - in and out.

Face masks must be worn during course walks.

Once you have finished your class put your horse/pony away.

No gatherings in groups larger than 6 people.

Social distancing at all times.

The cafe will remain open and all up to date restrictions are in place.

We are working very hard at Speetley to manage the various disciplines of equestrian sport responsibly.  To ensure you are able to continue safely this season, and beyond, I sincerely ask you to adhere at all times to the measures in place.  with many areas of the UK being subject to different and rapidly changing restrictions we urge all competitors to consider retrictions in their own area before travelling to the centre.

It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure they are complying with the latest regulations so please adhere to these measures and keep our sport running.

Good luck,, keep safe and thank you,

Lisa Renshaw

Director Speetley Equestrian Centre Ltd


In light of the latest Governmant restrictions please allow me to clarify whjat you are and are not allowed to do in relation to attending shows at Speetley. The following has beeen copied from the ‘' website,
You can now exercise alone, with up to 5 other people from outside your household. Gatherings of more than 6 people indoors or outdoors continue not to be permitted, unless this is essential for work purposes.
Single adult households are now able to form a support bubble with one other household. For the purposes of this guidance, all references to ‘households’ also include their support bubble.
Social distancing guidelines should be followed between people from different households wherever possible. This means a distance of 2m between people from different households, or 1m plus mitigations (such as face coverings or avoiding face-to-face contact) where 2m is not possible.
Check in advance if the facilities you want to use have
When exercising in the countryside remember to follow
the countryside code and act responsibly.
If possible, hand sanitise at intervals if your sport or
recreation means you have to touch communal surfaces.
Once you are home remember to wash your hands.
Try to avoid using shared equipment such as racquets
and bats.
If catering facilities are open at the venue (for takeaway
items) respect social distancing whilst queuing for food

and drink. Do not share food items, cups, plates or eating
utensils with anyone else.
Personal trainers and coaching
Organised sporting or other fitness related activities are allowed (including personal training or coaching) to continue in groups of more than 6. This can be in any place, indoors or outdoors, other than a ‘private dwelling’ - a term which includes most outdoor space such as a garden.
These activities need to be organised by a national governing body, club, registered instructor/coach, business or charity. In all cases, the organiser must conduct a risk assessment and take all reasonable steps to limit transmission of the coronavirus by reference to that risk assessment and all relevant COVID-19 Secure guidance. Personal trainers/coaches should follow the guidance on organising outdoor sport and physical activity events further down this page.
When participating in organised sport, you must not mingle in groups of more than 6 before and after the activity. If an organiser is not able to ensure that no mingling takes place between sub-groups of no more than 6 (including when arriving at or leaving activity or in any breaks or socialising) then such events should not take place. Attendees must avoid social interaction with anyone outside the group they are with, even if they see other people they know, at all times during their visit.

To ensure safe practices, personal trainers/coaches should consider limiting the number of classes which they teach to minimise exposure and transmission between groups.
Coaching or training for children should follow the out of school settings guidance.
Any sports coaches or trainers undertaking 1-1 sessions should ensure they are complying with relevant National Governing Body Safeguarding Policies and Procedures and conduct a thorough risk assessment before engaging in any sessions. This should include particular consideration for under 18s and vulnerable adults.
Horse riding
You can ride a horse, providing that you are alone or with no more than 5 other people. Two households can also meet in groups of more than 6 people, provided members of different households can follow social distancing guidelines. You should observe social distancing where possible when encountering other riders or the public.
You are allowed to visit venues like a riding club to exercise which includes the use of large, open and well- ventilated equestrian covered arenas (these are sometimes termed ‘indoor’ arenas by equestrians but due to their size and ventilation are not considered indoor for the purposes of this guidance). You should only do so alone, with members of your household or

with no more than 5 other people from another household as long as you can follow social distancing guidelines. You should check ahead to ensure that these facilities are open and prepared to receive visitors.
What Speetley E C Ltd has to add,
Please be assured that in line with all Equestrian Governing Bodies and Government we have the correct and necessary restrictions in place.
Pre entry only
Follow the parking instructions
Wear face masks when walking the course
Five riders only in the collectiong ring at any one time
Social distance yourselves
Keep your horses in your trailer/lorry when not competitng or warming up
To avoid crowds, once finished your class and purchased refreshments, please leave
Wash hands and sanitise regulary
No gathering in groups of more than 6 people

Please wear facemasks in the cafe and only remove if seated, no more than 6 per table from any one household
If queuing for food please adhere to the floor markers to ensure you social distance yourselves,
Hand sanitiser is available in and out of the cafe
We look forward to welcoming you and please be assured that we have diligently adhered to every precaution and restriction at this testing and difficult time
Thank you for trusting us and competing with us. Lisa Renshaw
Director SEC Ltd









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Please abide by social distancing rules.Face mask MUST be worn when walking the course


Combined Training Saturday 31st 

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 Unaffiliated showjumping 1 November 2020

Entries Close Friday 30th 5pm 

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Thankyou for all your support in 2020  

All Speetley Staff look forward to seeing you all next March 2021 

Both arenas and our XC course are available for hire 

All bookings to be made and paid for online

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Please follow the government guidelines on social distancing.



Thank you


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To start with we are opening Saturdays and Sundays and the following Tuesdays - 21st July, 28th July, 4th August, 18th August, 1st September & 29th September.


Big Tasty Breakfasts, the Sunday Classic Lunch, Freshly made homemade cake and don't forget the apple crumble!




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ARENA EVENTING  28th November at Speetley!!!
















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I first met David Andrews of Andrews Bowen five years ago when he arrived to quote for a 'small sand school' for the handful of liveries who occupied Speetley at that time.

His innovative and exciting design so impressed me that he didn't have to try very hard to sell the first of our two arenas .  So it came to be that SEC was born, no forethought, no big dream - serendipity!

From the true novice to the accomplished Olympian SEC has become a venue to support your ambitions, great or small, training or competing, day or night, and so, through the evolvement of SEC, it became my ambition to offer superior and safe facilities at affordable prices for what is, undoubtedly, a diverse and great sport.
We are a very small family orientated business. The ethos of all those who contribute to the training and the competing share our mindset - to be above all things, courteous, helpful, encouraging, educational and supportive. 

In the five years since that meeting with Andrews Bowen, Speetley has altered beyond all recognition. Each year has seen major new development spurred from the first arena. They are,  the dressage arena/warm up arena, XC course, the arena lighting, stabling, Bonjour Cafe and most recently the new water complex now under construction. British Showjumping, British Eventing, British Riding Clubs, The Pony Club, Trailblazers and more, there really is something for everyone at every level.

Financially, we were better off with the handful of liveries, but nothing could have prepared me for the joy and absolute pleasure of being a part of your trials and tribulations training and competing, meeting you all and making some wonderful and rewarding friendships. What stories I could tell from my time in the cafe and the collecting ring!

In 2018 we were delighted to receive partial funding from the LEADER European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, and this has enabled us to build a top-quality viewing cabin (our NEW Bonjour Cafe). Now customers can stay warm and refreshed all year round while enjoying great views of the whole site.

So here's to the next five years, five more seasons, five more years of development and growth and five more years of sharing experiences, happy and sad.  Thank you for your support and long may it continue and here's to the unexpected and fortunate discovery of Speetley Equestrian Centre Ltd.

- Lisa Renshaw. 2018

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