I first met David Andrews of Andrews Bowen five years ago when he arrived to quote for a 'small sand school' for the handful of liveries who occupied Speetley at that time.

His innovative and exciting design so impressed me that he didn't have to try very hard to sell the first of our two arenas .  So it came to be that SEC was born, no forethought, no big dream - serendipity!

From the true novice to the accomplished Olympian SEC has become a venue to support your ambitions, great or small, training or competing, day or night, and so, through the evolvement of SEC, it became my ambition to offer superior and safe facilities at affordable prices for what is, undoubtedly, a diverse and great sport.
We are a very small family orientated business. The ethos of all those who contribute to the training and the competing share our mindset - to be above all things, courteous, helpful, encouraging, educational and supportive. 

In the five years since that meeting with Andrews Bowen, Speetley has altered beyond all recognition. Each year has seen major new development spurred from the first arena. They are,  the dressage arena/warm up arena, XC course, the arena lighting, stabling, Bonjour Cafe and most recently the new water complex now under construction. British Showjumping, British Eventing, British Riding Clubs, The Pony Club, Trailblazers and more, there really is something for everyone at every level.

Financially, we were better off with the handful of liveries, but nothing could have prepared me for the joy and absolute pleasure of being a part of your trials and tribulations training and competing, meeting you all and making some wonderful and rewarding friendships. What stories I could tell from my time in the cafe and the collecting ring!

So here's to the next five years, five more seasons, five more years of development and growth and five more years of sharing experiences, happy and sad.  Thank you for your support and long may it continue and here's to the unexpected and fortunate discovery of Speetley Equestrian Centre Ltd.

- Lisa Renshaw. 2017